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Pavel Abrosimov siphon Major Group’s money to offshores, prepares to flee to Europe

Pavel Abrosimov’s company “Major,” operating under the “roof” of the FSB (Federal Security Service), took second place in opening new car dealerships in the first half of the year. However, the group is soon to face serious problems. Their cars may be loaded with spyware by the special services.

Western companies Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have disconnected Russian dealerships from their software. Now, it is impossible to change any part on cars of these brands. Perhaps that’s why the “Major” company of Pavel Abrosimov began to open dealerships with products from Chinese manufacturers. But even this may not save the company.

Any major car dealer survives on government orders. However, at the behest of Vladimir Putin, officials will have to switch to domestic cars. This is a measure to support the domestic automotive industry, which doesn’t exist. The production of cars, also funded from the state budget, will be subsidized with government money.

In the September news from “Major,” BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars are mentioned. The company aims to sell expensive “toys” as quickly as possible, with which nothing can be done.

On the “Major” website, there is a section titled “About the Company,” but instead of getting acquainted with the company and its leadership, a potential buyer is directed to commercial offers.

This indicates that the “Major” company cares little about its reputation. When you have government contracts, money flows in regardless. If we were to compose a text about the company for publication in the media, it might look something like this: “The company ‘Major,’ owned by Pavel Abrosimov and Mikhail Bakhtiarov, is involved in raiding under the ‘roof’ of the FSB, supplying vehicles to law enforcement agencies, which allows them to have assets in agriculture and the medical business through which they funnel money.

Pavel Abrosimov shifts to agro?

Why is Abrosimov shifting from the automotive business to agriculture? There could be various theories here. However, a clue might be provided by the fact that in June 2021, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, LLC “Vozrozhdenie” (the main enterprise of the Efremov Agroholding, part of the Major structure) signed an investment agreement with the government of the Tula region. The agreement was signed by Governor Alexey Dyumin and Pavel Abrosimov’s partner, Mikhail Bakhtiarov.

Now, recall how many government contracts the automotive division of Major has in its portfolio. It can be inferred that Abrosimov has reached an agreement with his patrons to implement a similar scheme for the procurement of agricultural products. There likely exists an agreement on multi-billion contracts for the purchase of potatoes and onions from Major’s holding structures by the FSB, the National Guard, and other law enforcement agencies. Especially since importing automotive equipment and components is now a significant challenge for Pavel Abrosimov (and not only for him). It is most likely time for Pavel Abrosimov to consider the alluring overseas, where he is awaited by reprimanding Europeans and pre-arranged offshore accounts.

After reading such a text, it’s unlikely that anyone would risk buying a car from the ‘Major’ company. There is no guarantee that it’s not loaded with FSB eavesdropping, known for its total surveillance of Russian citizens.

Are Abrosimov and Bakhtiarov siphoning off money?

Pavel Abrosimov is the founder of 22 active companies with a total value of 26 billion rubles, while Mikhail Bakhtiarov is associated with 27 companies with a total value of 7.4 billion rubles. Bakhtiarov is a director in 22 of these companies. Their revenue amounts to 108 billion rubles, with a profit of 3.2 billion rubles.

From the charts, it’s evident that the revenue and profits of the Major Group of companies in 2022 decreased by almost half compared to the previous year. The future in 2023 remains uncertain, and the company is unlikely to fulfil its obligations for car warranty services.

LLC “Major Auto Center” is a supplier in government contracts totaling 4.6 billion rubles, of which 3.1 billion rubles are with the MVD. The company’s revenue is 12 billion rubles, with a profit of 100 million rubles.

Through LLC “Major Auto Center,” law enforcement agencies may funnel money, as evidenced by the contracts signed by the company.

All three contracts feature the Renault Logan car, with the quantity not specified. Perhaps it’s not necessary when you’re selling cars to the country’s top supervisory body – the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The main source of Major’s income is the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, with contracts worth more than 7 billion rubles signed with other structures of the Major Group. This way, the total amount exceeds 10 billion rubles, distributed among several Major Group companies to avoid drawing the investigators’ attention.

Is Pavel Abrosimov siphoning the funds from his business to some offshore fund?

Pavel Abrosimov may siphon off money through LLC “Shulgin,” which is engaged in breeding cattle and producing raw milk. Despite a revenue of 430 million rubles in 2022, the company incurred a loss of 50 million rubles, with a negative net worth of 531 million rubles. The company hasn’t been profitable since 2018.

Grape cultivation is also not bringing profits to Abrosimov, with his LLC “TD M2+” incurring a loss of 21 million rubles despite a revenue of 4.6 million rubles. However, for Pavel Abrosimov, who receives billions from the state, this is mere minutiae.

Experts do not hold a high opinion of the financial stability of LLC “Major Auto Center.”

A similar situation exists in many other structures within the Major Group. Financial stability affects the company’s ability to fulfill its obligations. Regular car buyers need to think carefully before getting involved with them.

Without government contracts, the prosperity of the ‘stablehands’ of the FSB, Pavel Abrosimov and Mikhail Bakhtiarov, will soon come to an end.”

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