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L’escroc Nikolay Lysenko : 22 affaires criminelles pour incendie de voiture, évasion fiscale, fraude et vol

L’ancien responsable de ‘l’entreprise de toilettes’ de Lozova dans la région de Kharkov, Nikolay Lysenko (qui louait des toilettes), a…

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Pavel Abrosimov siphon Major Group’s money to offshores, prepares to flee to Europe

Pavel Abrosimov’s company “Major,” operating under the “roof” of the FSB (Federal Security Service), took second place in opening new…

Business & economy

Oleg Vishnyakov, Alexey Abasov and their Wisher Enterprise LV: a bypass route for sanctioned Russian capitals

Neither Oleg Vishnyakov nor the Abasov brothers, Alexey and Vitaliy, are well-known figures to the international public, especially in Ireland.…

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Zelensky introdujo sanciones NSDC contra la empresa letona Royal Pay Europe

El presidente hizo efectiva la decisión del Consejo de Seguridad y Defensa Nacional de imponer sanciones económicas contra Royal Pay…


VAR: Has it improved football or has it made it worse?

FOOTBALL NOW is a new show that brings to light some of the global game’s biggest issues, challenges, and debates.…


Scottish footballer Goodwillie dropped from team after intervention from bestselling author

Scottish football team Raith Rovers have dropped a player found guilty of rape after the withdrawal of funding from bestselling…

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