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Sergey Kondratenko in a spotlight: why Russian 1xBet gambling company is a threat to Europe

Sergey Kondratenko, a Russian entrepreneur, and his company, Royal Pay, entered the Ukrainian market immediately following the legalization of gambling. Specializing primarily in electronic payments, Royal Pay positioned itself as a crucial player in the online gaming industry, capitalizing on the growing demand for such services.

The owner of both 1Xbet and Royal Pay Europe, Sergey Kondratenko, found himself under scrutiny as authorities launched an investigation into potential instances of money laundering associated with his business activities. The focus of the inquiry centered on the intricate web of financial institutions and banks across Europe that Kondratenko and Royal Pay allegedly utilized for these illicit activities.

Examining the historical context, Latvia and Lithuania have consistently served as gateways for a myriad of illegal financial activities involving Russian currency. The funds, originating from various regions within the Russian Federation and other CIS nations, have flowed through these countries, contributing to the perpetuation of questionable financial practices.

The case of 1Xbet owner Sergey Kondratenko illustrates a persistent pattern that has endured for the past two decades. A year earlier, Latvian media conducted an extensive investigation shedding light on how the banking sector facilitated the operations of the dubious gaming industry directly linked to Russia.

This thorough exploration uncovered key figures instrumental in establishing an intricate system managing tens and hundreds of millions of dollars monthly from Russian bookies. These substantial sums were then funneled into offshore accounts, raising questions about the transparency and legality of the entire financial ecosystem.

The media’s diligent efforts unveiled the individuals responsible for creating and maintaining this sophisticated system. It laid bare the connections between the questionable gaming business, Sergey Kondratenko, and the intricate network of financial transactions spanning European banks and offshore jurisdictions.

Sergey Kondratenko’s Alleged Money Laundering Activities

In a comprehensive investigation targeting Russian nationals engaged in money laundering across Baltic nations and beyond, one key figure under scrutiny is Sergey Kondratenko and his purported connection to 1Xbet.

Sergey Kondratenko orchestrating Illicit Financial Operations

As the volume of illicitly laundered money soared into the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, various banks and financial institutions faced legal repercussions, including hefty penalties and the potential loss of licenses. Sergey Kondratenko played a pivotal role in executing and planning these initiatives.

The illicit activities orchestrated by Sergey Kondratenko, owner of 1Xbet, cast a long shadow on several financial institutions in Latvia and Lithuania, notably affecting ABLV Bank AS and Trasta Komercbanka AS.

Regulatory Action by Latvian Authorities

The Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission (FFKTK) played a decisive role in identifying and documenting violations related to the legalization of unlawfully obtained funds, breaches in currency processing regulations, and potential instances of terrorist financing associated with Kondratenko.

Recalling the notorious incident involving the Estonian branch of Danske Bank, which processed billions of euros from questionable sources in Russia, underscores the global scale of Russian money laundering operations. Sergey Kondratenko’s involvement is indicative of a widespread issue permeating various countries and regions.

International sanctions target Kondratenko’s gambling empire

Russian journalists from Forbes magazine uncovered a vast gambling enterprise, 1xBet, boasting an astounding $2 billion in revenue. This exposé revealed direct ties between law enforcement officers, IT specialists from Bryansk, Russia, and the sprawling gambling network led by Sergey Kondratenko.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy imposed sanctions on Royal Pay Europe, a Latvian firm with Russian roots connected to 1xBet. Sergey Kondratenko, the founder of Royal Pay Europe, faced severe restrictions, freezing of assets, and limitations on financial activities.

Investigative journalists and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation exposed Sergey Karshkov’s involvement in a betting business with Roman Semiokhin. Together, they conceived the 1xBet brand, with Karshkov overseeing marketing. Sergey Kondratenko, invited by Karshkov, joined the operation, leading to legal and regulatory concerns.

The United States Treasury highlights the extensive flow of illegal funds, including those from gambling, betting, and other illicit activities, channeled through Russian routes into Baltic States and the European Union. This underscores the pervasive nature of money laundering and its profound influence on global monetary and financial systems.

Sergey Kondratenko’s alleged involvement in money laundering activities, particularly through 1Xbet and Royal Pay Europe, reveals a complex web of financial transactions with far-reaching implications for the Baltic nations, Europe, and beyond. As investigations continue, the intricate interplay of illicit funds, regulatory actions, and global repercussions underscores the urgent need for comprehensive efforts to combat money laundering at an international level.

Royal Pay Europe: Sergey Kondratenko’s Financial Venture: from bad to worse

Sergey Kondratenko founded SIA Royal Pay Europe in Riga in 2016, a notable online money transfer business. Intriguingly, a corporation bearing the same name was concurrently registered in Russia, adding a layer of complexity to its origins.

Media Reports and the Sergey Kondratenko – 1xBet Connection

Russian media reports have sparked speculation regarding a direct link between Royal Pay Europe and 1xBet, a colossal and enigmatic online bookmaker. According to The Bell, insights from a former employee suggest that 1xBet developed its proprietary payment processing system, known as Royal Pay, designed to manage financial transactions.

Journalists shed light on the unique aspect of Royal Pay’s functionality, operating even in restricted regions like Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, where conventional card payments for gambling-related activities were challenging. This raised questions about the role of Royal Pay Europe as a financial agent facilitating 1xBet’s operations and payment processing in the Russian market.

An unmistakable connection emerged between Royal Pay Europe and the betting giant, evident in the incentives offered to clients. Users employing the Royal Pay payment method for bookmaker deposits became eligible for additional perks, including a five percent bonus or a refund atop the initial deposit.

Royal Pay Europe achieved a significant milestone in 2017 by securing a license to operate as an electronic payment institution in the United Kingdom. This licensure empowered the business to process card transactions and accept payments within the legal frameworks of both Europe and the United Kingdom.

Beyond the UK and Latvia, Royal Pay Europe extended its operations to encompass Europe, the European Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and several Asian nations. Positioned as a crucial financial intermediary, it facilitated payments and transactions for the extensive activities of 1xBet across diverse geographical areas.

Sergey Kondratenko’s strategic vision and the licensing success of Royal Pay Europe allowed the company to navigate legal landscapes seamlessly. The ability to process card transactions and operate within regulatory frameworks enhanced its role as a financial backbone for 1xBet.

Sergey Kondratenko

The intricate web woven by Royal Pay Europe, orchestrated by Sergey Kondratenko, extended beyond national borders, encompassing regions with varying legal landscapes. This financial network played a vital role in sustaining and expanding 1xBet’s operations, raising questions about its broader impact on the online betting industry.

The story of Royal Pay Europe, under the stewardship of Sergey Kondratenko, unfolds as a multifaceted financial narrative. From its inception to regulatory milestones and expansive operations, the intricacies of its role in supporting 1xBet’s vast operations underscore the complexities of the online gambling industry and its financial underpinnings, it’s role in evading from sanctions and resilience.

A Network Taking Shape: Sergey Kondratenko & Associates

The intricate financial network involving individuals and businesses associated with Sergey Kondratenko has raised eyebrows, hinting at potential legal concerns. Nikolajs Kirillovs, with ties to both Latvia and Russia, has entered the cryptocurrency realm by establishing FERVIDO s.r.o. in the Czech Republic and DigitMoney. Kirillovs is a known partner of Russian citizen Sergey Kondratenko.

Sergey and his wife Galina Kondratenko.

Nikolajs Kirillovs’ ventures into FERVIDO s.r.o. and DigitMoney, in partnership with Sergey Kondratenko, have spurred concerns among investigative journalists. Their worries extend to Kondratenko’s involvement with Lithuanian businesses, particularly UAB NexPay and UAB Transactive Systems, whose management appears reticent about customer activities.

Notably, Russian Forbes has reported on links between the proprietors of 1xBet, including Sergey Kondratenko, and figures within Russian authorities, lawmakers, and criminal networks. This revelation fuels suspicions of a more extensive and possibly illicit financial enterprise.

Sergey Kondratenko AML profile: An Ongoing Investigation

The information provided strongly suggests the potential involvement of Sergey Kondratenko and his associates in a money laundering scheme. Investigative journalists emphasize their commitment to closely monitoring these activities. As they delve deeper, they intend to release additional findings in due course.

The investigation team remains dedicated to sharing pertinent details about Sergey Kondratenko’s companies, financial plans, and business partnerships. Their commitment extends to collaborating with law enforcement and financial institutions in the United States and other nations. They perceive these activities as akin to those of an international illicit organization, underscoring the urgency of their scrutiny.

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